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It seems that the ACT (Australian Capital Territory - ie. Canberra) has passed same sex marriage laws. I did a little dance of about fucking time when my housemate came home and told me (I don't interact with news sources). There will be political dramas to follow, but it's a good sign that things are slowly changing in Australia :)
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I love reading posts where writers talk about writing. I have always pottered around with fiction writing, whether it be stories or attempts at novels or plays or screenplays, and at several points in my life I've thought I might end up being a writer. Especially as I write about a thousand words a day in my (on paper and in longhand) journal. (I've also always thought I might end up as a musician - it's been a big part of my life - but that's another story). But as it turns out, I'm an artist. Not a very good one yet, but it takes years to develop and find your artistic voice, and I'm fine with that. The process is engaging and satisfying, but it's the one thing I find that no-one really talks about the way that writers talk about the writing process. Illustrators do. Graphic artists do. But I have never come across a blog where a fine artist talks about how they go about doing what they do. Not the coming up with ideas and expressing them part which I have no difficulty with - a lot of the time I have the ideas, just not the technique to express them yet - but the technical aspects of how they go about applying paint to canvas for instance. There are so many different approaches, and though art school has educated me in a general way about a variety of techniques, I still look at a lot of paintings and wonder how they did that, especially with contemporary art.

(And as an aside for people who have never had the confusing and conflicting and sometimes thouroughly demoralising experience of art school: they often don't teach you that much about technique. They're much more focused on getting you to "produce work" and be original and creative, which is incredibly difficult if you're coming from a place of never having done art much before. I've always had leanings towards art as with other creative endeavours but always kinda sucked at it, and then I randomly did a drawing class where something about it finally clicked and I immediately went, okay I'll apply to art school then. I failed to get in the first time but applied again a year later after having tried to teach myself painting in acrylic (and not succeeding terribly well) and surprisingly got in. The upshot was that I was way behind everyone else and floundered for the first couple of years.)

Perhaps the point is that artists aren't always that verbal. Making art certainly isn't - it  uses a completely different part of your brain. Or maybe every artist comes across a working method at some point and then they stick to it and it doesn't occur to them to think about how they do what they do. There are so many minute decisions that go into doing something as simple as putting some paint onto a piece of canvas and often a lot of it is intuitive or even accidental. So, for my deconstruction of method I'm going to have to stick to reading writers talk about writing which, admittedly, I'm not going to get bored with any time soon. I just wish I could find something similar in the art world.
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I have just been at a 30 Seconds to Mars gig in New York without leaving home. They streamed it live and it was really, really good. There are days when I really like technology :-)
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Wow, I can't believe it's been almost five and a half years since I got a LiveJournal account, which means it's about seven or eight years since I discovered slash fiction (having already come up with the concept of wanting my male characters to be romantically interested in other male characters of my choice on my own).

I don't post much. There are excellent reasons for this, one of which is that I like to not feel obliged to interact with people, which is easier when one lurks. But I have been thinking about doing a post for awhile, and tonight there's been a confluence of reading a certain conversation in someone else's journal and randomly re-reading emails from 2006 that has given me the push to do it.

So this post is about my fannishness and how it has changed over the years, which is something I've never really talked much about.

Fannish musings )
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I am reading Truman Capote's "In Cold Blood" and it made me realise that weirdly I've never read any of his work before. Not even "Breakfast At Tiffany's". He's an incredibly compelling writer and I kinda want to squee a bit. Which is when I realised that I only know one person in my real life who even knows who Truman Capote is, let alone who would be surprised along with me that I've not read him before. And that's...depressing actually. It makes me glad that there's so many smart people online who post interesting stuff that I can read so that my brain doesn't completely atrophy. Thankyou internet people.

Fic: Hours

Jan. 9th, 2011 10:37 am
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Second (and last?) Stargate fic.

Title: Hours
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Length: 2,375 words
Set: during CoTG
Notes: Daniel, 1st person
Beta: [info]gaidheil1974 for military beta


Hours )
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Even though I'm spending a lot more time on LiveJournal than usual because that's where the Generation Kill fandom is, this is my primary journal and I've randomly decided I should post my paltry two Stargate fics here for completeness sake. This is the first one.

Title: Dead Again
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Lenght: 491 words
Smut Level: absolutely none
Set: sometime around 'Reckoning Part II' or 'Threads'
Notes: Jack's POV, in case that isn't clear
Beta: nope, too short to bother

Dead Again )
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Today I referred to undergraduate study as "big girl school". For some reason I find that hilarious.
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Supernatural has made me happy by having good writing and showing a grown up relationship with two people being honest and negotiating how they should handle said relationship. Who woulda thunk it? I have been traumatised by Torchwood writers (and others - Merlin comes to mind) so much that decent writing makes me pretty damn cheerful.
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Must be time for my yearly post. I have never really posted to just randomly tell the internet where I'm at in my life and I'm still not really sure about the idea. I'm not usually one for sharing, and I don't get online more than once a day and sometimes not even that much, so I find the idea of keeping up with internet activity daunting.

That being said, I've just moved house and it's making me rethink things a bit. I want to find a nice balance between my electronic life which can have some fabulous aspects to it - most noteably listening to interesting people say interesting things - and my "real" life, for whatever values of real we'd like to ascribe here.

And now I'll go read interesting things again for awhile.
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Whee! I'm on dreamwidth!

Due to lack of internet access at the moment it's not likely that I'll be posting much, if at all, for awhile. Then again, anyone that knows me on LJ (all three of you) knows that I'm not much in the habit of posting anyway. But I'm here and at some point I'll get to play with all the options and try to learn my way around the site. It should be fun.


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